… and it has only just begun. The first two weeks of the new year are over and they didn’t really turn out as I expected them to. Okay, you can’t really do anything against being ill a whole week. So I stayed in bed the first week and went to work because I thought I was going to make it. Then last week very surprisingly I landed my first commercial video shoot. The biggest thing for me since I started blogging. But in the end I couldn’t be part of it because of a few reasons and I was very sad and at once super angry. So I started thinking about the whole situation.

What 2017 already taught me

Finally I figured out that I am a „yes“ kinda person. I always say „yes“ to things that I think are good for other people but without having regards for me.

That is what 2017 already taught me. I am trying to turn myself from a „yes“ kinda person into a „yes & no“ kinda person without loosing my positivity. Also it is proved that people who say „no“ more often are more successful then the ones who don’t. (Of course I am not going to stop saying „yes“.) That will probably be the greatest challenge in 2017 and I am already excited for it.

The photos were taken at Franziskanerplatz in the city of Vienna. I am wearing a whole Zara look because winter is back!

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