The Volcano Pouch

The Valentino Volcano Pouch was such an amazing christmas gift! I could have never imagined getting something like THIS! Therefore I was totally surprised when I opened my last present. Immediately I fell in love with the pouch, not just because I am a huge Valentino lover but mostly because of the gorgeous texture and motive. As you may know Winter is not my favorite season of the year. Not at all. But the colors of the bag just give me a warm feeling, I would almost say a summer feeling. That is also the reason I choose the pouch for today’s outfit. Although it was freezing cold outside I felt a little crispness. Also I love to combine colorful statement items which match my hair color. The Volcano Pouch is a perfect example for that.

Schloss Schönbrunn

Today we had a walk in the garden of Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna where we also took the photos. Because of the cold we aborted the walk and decided to drive home again. Among other things my fingers and toes were already frozen and my body was shaking. However, I enjoyed the short walk so much! I could do this everyday. Especially the space around the caste is very beautiful and enjoyable.

Valentino Rockstud Volcano Pouch get it here
Coat – Zara get a similar one here
Skirt – Zara similar here
Boots – d’Ambrosio similar boots here

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