The puffer jacket is totally in at the moment according to high fashion magazines. It feels like almost every second article is about the puffer coat trend and how often it has been seen at last week’s New York Fashion Week. Well, I do understand the hype about this trend because in my opinion it looks just really sporty. A must when wearing a puffer jacket this season is to appear as casual as possible. Undressing halfway through is probably the best way to create a trendy look. Easier: show your shoulders! – what is definitely tricky when wearing this jacket because of the voluminous style.

Off shoulder puffer jacket when it’s winter – oh yes!

Strange statement. Also I am grinning all the time I see pictures from this trend in a snowy winter wonderland. I just can’t believe anyone is having fun wearing an off shoulder jacket when it’s snowing outside! That’s why only now it is time for me to start experimenting with the jacket – at plus eight degrees Celsius.

How would you style a puffer jacket?

The jacket is super warm and it’s still available at Zara – buy it here <3

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