What is totally „in“ at the moment – yes, fishnet tights. Right now you can’t really go wrong wearing them. Especially wearing those tights under every type of jeans has turned out as a huge must for this years’s spring. Although I am not always joining trends this one is just perfect for me.

Why I love wearing fishnet tights

Let me be honest.. I started wearing mesh tights years ago when I was probably fifteen years old and attended my first prom. My lace dress was perfectly matching those tights and I felt like a princess that night! Some people then told me those net tights look cheap but I couldn’t agree. I love mesh tights now and I have always loved them!

The idea for my prom outfit I discovered in a high fashion magazine. I’ve always loved to garner ideas in magazines which helped me so much in creating new outfits and finding my own signature look.

Fishnet Tights – Calzedonia similar here
Jeans – Zara get them here
Blazer get it here
Pullover similar here
Shoes – Voile Blanche here

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