It’s no secret at all, this jacket is my favorite piece of the season. A lot of you have already asked me if this is a fur jacket or if it’s faux. I do understand you wanting to know everything about the clothes I wear, for example where I got all the pieces. Also what they are made of is a common question. As I already explained in one of my previous posts this jacket is not made of fur. But that doesn’t mean I have something against fur – let me explain why.

 – this jacket is my favorite piece of the season –

As you may know I am working for a fashion company here in Vienna and last season we sold ponchos made of rabbit. I sold one to a woman who told me she is a vegetarian for ten years now. Yes, I really did it. At first I was more than just surprised. The fact that you sell fur to a vegetarian is mind-blowing. But what did I do to make a vegetarian buy a fur poncho?

What I did was telling her the background information. The animals were not killed for those ponchos, but for other reasons like age or illness and of course also because of the meat. Subsequently the fur turns out to be waste applied to that. Other companies process exactly that fur further instead of disposing it. In my opinion background information is most important when it comes to fur. I personally like the way fur looks and I like the way it feels. According to that I would also wear fur but only if I get to know all the details about the acceptable manufacture. That is my point of view. What do you think about fur and wearing it?

The faux fur jacket I am wearing is from Guess, but unfortunately it is sold out.

You can get a similar one to my favorite piece HERE.

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