We had so much fun last weekend when we visited Kahlenberg. For this day I was wearing my jogger styled pants which I bought for warmer days. However they were the wrong choice but unfortunately I noticed that way too late. I can’t even describe how cold it was up there on the hill. Afterwards I should have been wearing tights underneath.. When I recognized the view over Vienna (which I already showed you on my Instagram) I forgot the biting cold for a while. Luckily I choose my fake fur jacket for the trip and I swear to you: since I have this fake fur jacket I am wearing it almost every day.


In addition let me tell you something about my jacket that I am deeply in love with. I always wanted to have a warm and cuddly fake fur jacket. Finally I found one at the Guess store in Vienna. And it was love at first sight! Especially the colors really got me! Not just because I am trying to bring in some color into my black on black looks. This fake fur jacket is my favorite garment for now.


Also we used another camera this time. Usually all the pictures are taken with my iPhone 6s plus (before July 2016 we took the pictures with the iPhone 5s). But this time we decided to borrow a single-lens reflex camera. I loved the camera but I didn’t know how to handle it – well done Laura! After studying the camera for a while my boyfriend tried his best. But the lesson is clear: it is unimportant which camera you use, you just have to know how to handle it. For now I better go back to my iPhone that I am very familiar with.

Fake Fur Jacket – Guess similar here
Pants – Jones get those pants here
Shoes – Voile Blanche shop here

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